Relaxed Styles & Vibrant Colors of the Breezesta Coastal Collection

There is nothing quite like sitting outside admiring the beautiful coastal views with the salty breeze tickling your face and tousling your hair. There is something about the ocean that resonates with so many people, sometimes the tide gently ebbs, in and out, and other times the waves crash down upon the sand with a power and vengeance. The salt, sand and surf are an alluring attraction for many people.  But what can you sit on while watching the symphony of the ocean? What type of furniture can hold up under the stress of the salty air, the wind and sand, and still be comfortable enough to sit for hours happily gazing at the ocean? There is only one chair that will do.

The Perfect Chair for Waterfront Living

The Breezesta Coastal Collection offers a line of chairs that are classy, elegant, sturdy, practical and gorgeous. And if that is not enough to convince you, then all you need to do is sit in one! From the traditional Adirondack chair to bar height and everything in between, this amazing collection fits into any lifestyle. So sit back and relax in comfort as these chairs have an optional outdoor Sunbrella cushion available also. And the 20 solid color pallet and Breezesta’s “mix and match” option is perfect for coordinating with any existing outdoor area. But the Coastal Chair is especially geared toward coastal living because it will hold up against wind, sand, sun and rain, and since they are mildew and mold resistant you won’t have to drag them indoors during the year.

Expect Outstanding Quality

When you choose Breezesta Coastal Chairs for your outdoor furniture you will not have to worry about your chairs breaking under heavy weight, falling over if you lean to one side to reach for something, or blowing away with a strong wind. You will always feel secure and comfortable while using any of the furniture in Breezesta’s quality line of products. And to help customers feel even more secure in their purchases Breezesta offers a lifetime warranty on all of their furniture.

The Breezesta Coastal chair is a wonderful addition to any home’s outdoor decor. To shop our huge selection of luxury coastal chairs visit today. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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