3 Times to Maintenance Your Grain Dryers in Oregon

Harvesting and using grain during the fall season is a great way to not only make money, but also provide food for you and your family; however, realize that harvesting is not exactly an easy process. There is a lot that goes into it, and you have to have high quality equipment including a grain dryer, in order to make it work successfully. Your grain dryer is one of the most important parts of harvesting grain, so maintaining it regularly is important for its working efficiency. Here are the best times to maintenance your grain dryers in Oregon area.

Post Season Cleaning

You will want to make sure that you thoroughly clean your machine after the harvest is over. With as much work as it usually completes, there will be buildup and other things to clean away before it is stored away. You want to keep it clean so that other issues do not develop.

Pre-Season Tune Up

You should also tune up your Grain Dryers right before the season begins. No matter how well you thought you did on its post-season maintenance cleaning, many issues could develop when it was not in use. A few months before the season starts, you should check its production and ensure that it is in its best condition to begin work at the start of the harvest. This period gives you enough of a gap to ensure that you can get it fixed if need be.

Mid Season Upkeep

Finally, make sure you keep it serviced during season. Keep things from clogging its production areas and get professionals to check on it regularly. Because it is in use so frequently, you do not want to risk something happening and stopping its production.

Maintaining your Grain Dryers in Oregon is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that you have a productive harvest. If you do not have a grain dryer that is working in top-notch condition, you will not be able to produce as much grain and output as you may have liked. You also do not want to risk your machine failing out in the middle of the harvest and risk losing all of those resources. Be sure and have your grain dryer serviced immediately if you have not recently.

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