Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Commercial Drink Dispenser

Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Commercial Drink Dispenser

Buying a commercial drink dispenser for any type of application from a cafeteria to a fast food restaurant, bar or upscale bistro is an important consideration for any owner.

With so many different types, designs, sizes and options offered in commercial drink dispenser this should not be a snap decision. Just as much consideration should be put into getting the right beverage dispenser as is going into other major equipment purchases.

There are three specific areas commonly overlooked or not checked before the purchase of a commercial drink dispenser. By taking the time to verify and double check these issues it is possible to get the perfect equipment for the venue while still staying within the allotted budget.

Failing to Compare Options

When it comes to commercial drink dispenser models going online and looking at the different options offered by the major manufacturers is an easy way to complete basic research.

Before selecting a specific manufacturer or a specific dispenser, make a list of the important factors which the equipment must have. This may include number of drinks, advertising and branding options and other features. With this list in place a more effective comparison between options is easier.

Failing to Consider Size, Weight and Shape

Even when a commercial drink dispenser meets all the needs on the list, it still has to fit within the physical space available. With new space saving, highly efficient styles space there is a unit for any location. Weight may also be an important factor to note for construction and renovations of any food service venue.

Carefully reviewing the specs is essential for new food service venues, but it is extremely critical for replacing an existing unit where fitting oversized or undersized units can add considerable to renovation costs.

Failing to Check the Warranty

Not all manufacturers of commercial drink dispenser models offer the same warranty. Also, different systems may have slightly different warranties. Top companies manufacturing and selling beverage dispensers will provide written information about their warranties right on their website, making it easy to compare with the competition.

Finally, when choosing a commercial drink dispenser it is important to not just make a choice based on price alone. Performance of the equipment and support from the manufacturer is also something to factor into the decision to choose one model over the overs.

At Lancer Corporation we provide a range of commercial drink dispenser models for any food service industry. We are here to help you make the right choice, just drop by our website at www.lancercorp.com to learn more.

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