Relieving The Symptoms Of Seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem PA

by | May 28, 2018 | Allergies

When springtime arises, many people suffer from the symptoms of seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem PA. There are several steps that when taken, help relieve symptoms so relief is felt. Try some of the following tips to reduce symptoms if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Try Using Steam For Relief

Many find that breathing in hot steam helps to relieve a stuffy nose effectively. Take a hot shower and make sure the door is shut to the bathroom in the process so steam builds. Another way to reduce stuffiness is by placing the head over a bowl of boiling water and holding a towel over the head during the process. Use this procedure as many times as necessary to thin the mucus in the breathing passages.

Try Using An Antihistamine

Purchase over-the-counter medication to help relieve allergy symptoms when necessary. An antihistamine works well at reducing symptoms when they seem unbearable. Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging so the correct dosage and frequency of use are conducted as necessary.

Avoid The Outdoors If Possible

When seasonal allergies are abundant, it is best to avoid going outdoors. Close windows to the home so pollen and other allergens do not make their way to the interior. Some people find relief when precipitation is occurring. At this time, open windows again if desired. Alternately, use an air conditioner with a filter and an air purification system to reduce allergens from the air.

See A Professional For Help

Going to a practitioner for assistance in relieving allergies is best in many cases. A doctor will ask the patient about the symptoms they are experiencing and will determine which type of plant is causing the reactions to occur. They may recommend a series of shots or a prescription medication to relieve symptoms as necessary.

When there is a need to get relief from symptoms of seasonal Allergies in Bethlehem PA, finding the right practice to see a doctor is necessary. Take a look at a website like to find out more about the services available and to get contact information to make an appointment.

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