Reviewing Requirements Through Child Support Law In Stroudsburg, PA

In Pennsylvania, parents who are required to attend a custody hearing must review related laws to determine what options they have. Under these circumstances, the parents cannot come to an agreement about child custody or child support. In these cases, the judge will make this decision for them. The following is a review of the requirements through Child Support Law in Stroudsburg PA.

The Income of Both Parents

The judge begins the assessment by reviewing the income of both parents. The income of the parents determines which party can provide the financial means needed to support the child until adulthood. It also assists in the value assigned for child support payments. This is just the starting point for the judge’s decision.

Reviewing Custody Options

There are several options for child custody. The parent could acquire sole custody in which they make all decisions about the child. The parents could also acquire joint or shared custody. This enables each party to make decisions for the child. If sole custody is provided, the child lives with the parent that achieves this assignment. If joint custody is provided, the child may alternate between living with each parent.

An Assessment of Each Parent’s Home

The home of each parent must be reviewed. The court assigns a caseworker to make this assessment. The caseworker identifies any risks to the child that are present in either home. They must provide a report of which parent is most suitable for the child based on their living conditions.

The Child Support Payments

The child support payments are assigned according to the income of the custodial parent. The total number of children that are involved in the case also increases the child support payments. The judge may increase these payments based on the needs of the child if they have a chronic medical condition.

In Pennsylvania, parents need an attorney when they must attend a child custody hearing. They need to review their rights and determine what legal avenues they have to acquire custody of their child. Parents who want to review Child Support Law in Stroudsburg PA can Visit website today.

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