Reviewing Vehicle Insurance In Lake Charles, LA

In Louisiana, laws outline the requirements for auto insurance coverage. The laws allow the state to impose strict penalties for non-compliance. For this reason, all drivers should purchase the minimum insurance requirements. Vehicle insurance in Lake Charles, LA is available through local agencies at a variety of coverage levels.

Defining the Minimum Values

The state defines the minimum values as 15-30-25. This means that the policy should provide $15,000 for one injury resulting from an auto accident. It must pay $30,000 when multiple injuries occur. It should also provide $25,000 for all property damage that happens. Consumers aren’t restricted to these values only. They may choose any coverage level they prefer to protect their investment.

Reviewing Coverage Opportunities

Under-insured motorist coverage provides additional coverage when drivers lack insurance. It pays for victim’s injuries and auto repair costs. It is a supplementary policy to protect the automobile owner.

Comprehensive coverage is the highest value possible. It covers the automobile owner’s vehicle. It offers rental car services when their vehicle is damaged or needs replacement. It also provides towing services. The policy also covers the other driver is the policyholder is at fault.

What Penalties Apply to No Insurance?

The current penalties for no insurance is a fine with a maximum of $700. The vehicle owner must pay reinstatement fees for suspension as well. Their driver’s license and registration are suspended upon conviction. They have three days to respond to a cancellation notice to avoid these penalties.

Accidents with No Insurance

Uninsured motorists involved in accidents are deemed, high-risk drivers. They are ordered to purchase SR-22 insurance after the accident. They must pay the expenses of the victim out-of-pocket. This may include additional monetary awards for pain and suffering. Fatalities could lead to criminal charges.

In Louisiana, local laws determine auto insurance requirements. Non-compliance with these laws is a criminal offense. The state imposes penalties based on the driver’s previous record. Previous no insurance convictions could lead to a jail sentence. Hefty fines are also imposed. Drivers who need to purchase vehicle insurance in Lake Charles LA should visit website for further details.

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