Use a DWI Lawyer in Charleston to Defend False Charges

When someone is arrested for driving under the influence when they had not been drinking, they will want to defend themselves with a professional DWI lawyer in Charleston, in an attempt to reduce or eliminate charges. Since a DUI is a serious offense, it comes with many punishments. It is important to adhere to the law in following orders pertaining to taking classes about driving while intoxicated, as well as seeing a probation officer while waiting for the outcome of the case.

First, the person will most likely need someone to bail them out of jail after the arrest. The next step would be to contact an attorney right away. The attorney would be able to help prove the person was not at fault at the time of the arrest by looking into the steps that were taken by the arresting officer.

They would ask to have a test done on the Breathalyzer used on the scene. If this had not been recently calibrated, there is a good chance that it gave a false reading when the person was arrested. If the officer did not read the person their Miranda rights at the time of the arrest, they might have to drop charges completely. The lawyer will also be able to look into past similar cases to come up with a plan for proving the arrest was mistakenly done.

The person who has the DUI charges should maintain good citizenship within their community as they wait for their trial. They can continue to work and should keep out of trouble and away from alcohol completely during this time. When they go to court, they will have the chance to speak about the incident. They should be respectful and listen to all questions before answering. Maintaining a calm attitude is helpful in proving that they are innocent, as it will not seem as threatening as it does when someone is defensive about the situation.

Rely on a professional DWI lawyer in Charleston to help when a false allegation is made.  to find a reliable attorney to help with the case.

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