Room Additions in Bergen County- How to Add a Separate Room

Adding another room to your house is not as easy as it seems. An unplanned addition can cause serious structural damage by putting undue pressure on the foundation of the house. If you have a vision for adding another room to your house, the first thing that you should do is get in touch with a local contractor. Companies that offer room additions in Bergen County will first inspect your house and determine the most suitable place where the room can be added. The preliminary inspection plays a vital role, since that will allow the contractor to see the best position for load distribution on the foundation.

Drawing up the Plans

Whether you want to add a new room or a new level to your house, the first step is to draw up the blueprints for the addition. The company will lay down the charts for the plumbing system and the electrical wiring in the new room or level. Companies that specialize in remodeling and rebuilding, such as RWS Build & Remodeling, will create the blueprint for the room additions and then show you a 3D visualization of how the place will look once the construction is complete. This will give you a better idea of the size of the room and the impact that it will have on the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Room additions can take a while to complete. Depending upon the extent of the work to be done, the duration might vary between a week and a month at most. The company might ask you to vacate certain rooms while the construction is going on to prevent any danger to you and your family. In some cases, you might have to vacate the whole property while the work goes on.

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