Rust Repair and Auto Body in Berryville VA

Rust Repair and Auto Body in Berryville VA

Rust repairs are common, especially with older vehicles. Scratches, dings and dents can wear away the car’s finish, exposing metal to rain, wind and other elements. Living through cold winters where salt is scattered on the roads can accelerate rust damage over the years. No matter how a car got rusty, customers should keep these tips in mind to ensure a repair to like-new standards.

Carefully Inspect The Vehicle’s Surface

The first part of auto rust repair is to determine the severity of the damage. On vintage cars, it may be best to go over the entire surface of the auto body in Berryville VA. Rust doesn’t always come in the form of dark red patches; instead, drivers should be on the lookout for small bubbles in the paint. If these bubbles appear, rust is likely to blame.

Rust Removal

Smaller spots can be dealt with at home, but larger spots should be handled by a professional. An effective repair requires the use of sanding discs, and medium-grit sandpaper. Slowly but surely, the auto body technician will sand the rust away, leaving a smooth, even surface for new paint.

Extra Sanding

Once rust is removed, it’s best to sand the area with increasingly fine-grit sandpaper. Once the area is sanded, tack cloth may be used to remove dirt or metal debris.

Primer And Paint

Three or four light, even coats of primer are best for rust repair on car bodies. Before priming begins, the painter will block off surrounding areas with tape and paper. With a five or ten minute wait between coats, the primer job is completed. Paint is typically applied the next day, in a similar light manner. After several coats, paint is allowed to dry for at least twelve hours, and masking materials are removed before a final wash and wax.

Rust repairs can be a significant expense, but a quality auto body repair shop can do the job quickly and efficiently. Repair technicians have access to the best materials, and they have the skills to repair even the most rusty Auto Body in Berryville VA. By hiring a local auto body shop, any driver can bring their rusty old car back to life.

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