What is Sand Blasting in Connecticut and Why is it Such a Demanding Job?

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Business

Sand blasting is not exactly common. The main contributing factor to why it is a bit rare and is often hard to find a good resource for is because it is extremely difficult and meticulous. Experts need to have a delicate hand in treating the surface due to the large pressure and power of the sand blasting equipment.

How Sand Blasting Works

A surface is coated in grime, rust, and other things that make it look dirty and old. Sand Blasting in Connecticut equipment carefully (albeit, it does not seem so) splays the surface with sand particles. These are known as silica sand, and silica sand is primarily used in techniques of sand blasting.

The sand is obviously abrasive and rough. It is little rocks after all. In an ideal situation, the presence of the sand being blasted at the surface at high volumes will actually rid the surface of extremely particular rot, rust, and dirt.

The reason Sand Blasting in Connecticut is expensive is due to the nature of a lot of intense pressure against a sometimes soft or sensitive surface. The dynamic can be puzzling. How can blowing high volumes of intense sand actually help clean a surface?

It seems contrary, but it is not. Yet, it is this seeming contradiction that makes sand blasting in the state a meticulous process. It is a challenge, and not anyone can do it well.

Cleaning and Restoring

One of the most common areas for sand blasting is the cleaning of memorials. Memorials receive extensive wear and tear. Unfortunately, it is just the thing that families want to keep clean and tidy to respect their loved one.

The equipment is expensive. All of this is factored into the cost of the process. Customers may expect to pay upwards of $600 or more for a high-quality sand blasting.

Of course, it all depends on many variables, such as the functionality of the surfaces being sand blasted. Is it sensitive to high pressures or generally resistant, for example? Visit our website for more on the complicated techniques of sand blasting and how anyone can restore a surface to its former glory through the process.

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