Saving Money by Salvaging Old Materials with Professional Floor Refinishing in Manhattan

Saving Money by Salvaging Old Materials with Professional Floor Refinishing in Manhattan

It’s no secret that wood is a popular flooring material for homes throughout the country. Wood flooring is very versatile and there are many ways that a person can get the type of floor and the type of finish that they want. For people living in Manhattan, many older buildings have existing wood flooring. For some, removing the old flooring and replacing it with new materials is the best option. However, for people that enjoy the charm that old wood flooring provides, Floor Refinishing in Manhattan may be preferred.

Salvaging Old Wood Flooring

The thing to remember about refinishing a wood floor is that if the floor is free from excessive buckling or damage and if it is solid wood, the process of refinishing the floors is possible. In addition, refinishing an existing floor is much cheaper than replacing it with new materials.

Removing Paint and Stain Applications

The first thing that will be done when refinishing wood floors is a sanding machine will be run across the wood floors to remove any stain, scratches or imperfections. This process can take a bit of time, especially if multiple applications of stain have been placed on the floor or if the floor has a significant amount of scuffs and scratches.

Repairing Damaged Wood Planks

After the floors have been stripped of any paint or stain, then any floor planks needing to be replaced are removed and new planks are seamlessly installed. Once the new flooring planks have been installed, the floor will receive another light sanding and then the floor will be completely cleaned.

Staining and Sealing the Floors

The last step in the process is applying a new stain. The stain may be a bit dark. In other cases, people may opt for a lighter, more natural stain. Once this is done, there is the option of having the floor sealed with a protective coat of polyurethane and the process of Floor Refinishing in Manhattan is over.

There are many instances where getting new wood flooring will cost a homeowner or business owner a great deal of money. However, refinishing an existing floor can give a business owner or homeowner what they want on their floors without spending serious cash. To learn more about this process, or to inquire about new flooring materials, you may want to check out a resource like New York Wood Flooring.

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