What is a Skid Steer

A used skid steer in Montana is a piece of farm equipment that can help with lots of things on your farm. It has different attachments that make it a versatile tool and is easy to drive around. Attachments can be added to scrape things, plant things, and till the land among other things. It’s a smaller piece of equipment so it can go places your larger tractors can’t.

Why do you Need a Skid Steer

The skid steer has lift arms that help you move things like bales of hay or bags of feed so it cuts the amount of lifting you have to do in half. It can be used to prepare your gardens and landscape around them. If you have animals on the farm it’s a great piece of equipment to help you take care of them and maintain their stalls. A great thing about the skid steer is it’s easy to drive so you or anyone helping you on the farm can drive it without having to learn any new skills.

Used or New Skid Steer

Buying a used skid steer in Montana will help your bottom line as it will if you buy all used equipment. You can weigh the pros and cons of buying new or used, but you need to look at your overall budget. If you buy a brand new piece of equipment, will you have all the money you need for the other aspects of your farm? This can help you make your decision. Keep in mind used equipment at sites like tri-cnty.com are well-maintained and inspected. They won’t sell you something that isn’t going to operate properly. When you buy used, you’ll have more money to maintain your farm and get the things you need.

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