When To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning In Atlanta

When To Schedule Air Duct Cleaning In Atlanta

As one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, Atlanta offers a wonderful mix of classic, old style southern homes combined with very modern new home developments.

Each of these homes will have a different requirement for air duct cleaning. A top HVAC company will be able to evaluate the service needs of a particular home based on several different factors.

New Homes

As a general rule, new homes will require less frequent duct cleaning. This is largely due to the new technology and building requirements used in new home construction and specifically in the HVAC systems. In addition, most contractors now routinely cover the air ducts during the construction phase, preventing dust and debris from entering the system.

If the duct openings were not sealed or if the construction crew had the air conditioning or furnace running during construction, it is a good idea to start with a thorough cleaning as soon as possible.

Typically, newer homes will need air duct cleaning every three to five years. If someone in the home has asthma or significant allergies to airborne allergens, more frequent cleanings may be required.

Older Homes

The humidity and year-round warm temperatures in Atlanta make it an ideal spot for mold and mildew to develop in the ductwork of your home. Older homes that have significant amounts of organic material built up in the ducts including dust, dander, pet hair, pollen, and other contaminants add to the problem.

Most older homes, once the initial air duct cleaning and sterilizing is complete, should be cleaned every three years. In some cases, especially if there are people of any age in the home with respiratory problems or allergies, you may want to choose to have the cleaning completed every other year to help to reduce possible allergens or irritants in the air of the home.

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