Seawall Drilling Service in Hawaii

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Any commercial waterfront property owner knows that one of the most significant dangers they face is that of erosion. While many business properties may already have seawalls in place, this is not always the case. If there is not already a seawall in place, one can be built by the owner or a Drilling Service in Hawaii will need to be called. Here are some tips on building a seawall.


What first must be done is to take an initial survey of the land. This should be done by walking around the area where the seawall is going to go. Make note of any changes in landscape such as sharp curves or changes in elevation. Use spray paint to mark off where the poles will need to go, roughly every eight feet along the shoreline.

Track The Tide

Next, the tide of the water will have to be tracked over the course of a full month. This is done to see exactly what the highest point of the tide will be. This information determines exactly how high the seawall will need to be.

Check Regulations

Nothing can be built in regards to a seawall without first checking to see exactly what the local regulations are. Of course, if a Drilling Service in Hawaii is used instead of doing it by oneself, they will already know what all of the local regulations and ordinances are. This can be a huge stress reliever and time saver.


If one is still insistent upon doing it themselves, they will need to gather the proper supplies. These supplies will include 4-foot long metal pipes, 10-foot long treated lumber, a circular saw, quick-drying cement, a drill and a jackhammer. Threaded re-bar will also be needed to be used in conjunction with the metal poles.


Holes will need to be drilled into the ground to brace the metal poles. Before setting the poles into the ground, drill holes into each pole in which to place the re-bar. This will ensure it is fully gripped into the ground. After the poles are in the ground, fill the remaining space with the concrete. The lumber will then be attached lengthwise between the poles to ensure the water does not erode into the ground.

Of course, calling an experienced and professional company such as Structural Systems Inc makes the job much easier. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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