Seeking Help From Auto Transmission Repair Services in Wamego KS When the Fluid Level Is Low

Seeking Help From Auto Transmission Repair Services in Wamego KS When the Fluid Level Is Low

Often, an automotive technician who performs auto transmission repair services in Wamego KS discovers that a problem with this component is due to the fluid being low. That can be a big relief for the vehicle owner, since adding fluid is a cheap fix and typically doesn’t indicate a need for major repairs. What symptoms may indicate that transmission fluid level is low?

Gears Slipping and Automatic Shifting Issues

Drivers can feel automatic transmission gears slipping when the power seems to briefly lag or surge for no reason. If the car has a tachometer showing revolutions per minute, the slippage will be noticeable as the needle swings abruptly. If the transmission has trouble responding when going up a steep incline that never used to be a problem, that’s another sign of low fluid.

Hesitation and Jerking

Putting the car into drive or reverse and having it hesitate before moving is disconcerting, especially when the car jerks forward or backward when it finally does shift into gear. Sometimes that’s the sign of a serious problem, but it also can simply indicate low fluid. A technician at a garage such as Ekart Automotive can evaluate the situation and determine whether there are more significant issues with the transmission.

Advisable Strategies

The owner of the car or truck may want to have the transmission fluid flushed and replaced with new, clean fluid if the technician who performs Auto Transmission Repair Services in Wamego KS recommends this. Discoloration indicates that the liquid has become dirty and contaminated with various substances through the course of normal driving.

It’s also important to watch for signs of leaks, such as reddish or light brown spots on the driveway or garage floor. Checking the fluid level occasionally is advisable as well, especially if the level was remarkably low. During a full-service oil change, technicians check all fluid levels. If the dipstick is in an easily accessible place, the vehicle owner can do this at home now and then too. In many cases, the fluid only becomes slightly low one time, and the cause remains a mystery.

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