When To Call Insect Control in Pittsburgh, PA For Yellow Jackets

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Pest Control Service

In New England, yellow jackets are called wasps. This is actually a more accurate name for yellow jackets since they are little wasps. No matter what you call them, they can be annoying and downright dangerous in certain conditions. Here are tips from The-Beeman for when to call Insect Control in Pittsburgh PA for yellow jacket removal.

If You Have A Nest

The occasional yellow jacket is bound to get in your yard or home once or twice in the summer. However, if yellow jackets are an everyday problem, you have a nest nearby. A nest is a formidable superorganism that works together to drive off any enemy. Never spray a nest with over-the-counter insecticides or hit a nest. The yellow jackets will boil out and attack to defend their home. Nests need to be removed by Insect Control in Pittsburgh PA professionals wearing protective equipment.

If Anyone In Your Family Is Allergic To Bee Stings

Bee sting venom can be lethal for some people. If you react to a bee sting with nausea, vomiting, cramps, sudden diarrhea, breathing problems, dizziness, or fainting, then you are highly allergic. Tests can be taken to show if you are allergic before you get stung for the first time. Some people become allergic only if stung in the head, which is not a nice experience. The Cleveland Clinic estimates that three percent of all adult Americans are allergic to bee stings. This results in about 50 deaths every year. The best way to avoid getting stung is to get rid of any yellow jacket nests on your property.

If Your Own a Puppy Or Small Pet

Pets stung multiple times by many yellow jackets can die. The pet most likely to disturb a yellow jacket nest is a puppy. Puppies arguably get into more mischief than children do. Remove nests if you are planning on getting a puppy.

In Summary

Yellow jacket nests should only be removed by professional exterminators or bee removal specialists. Trying to do it yourself is like poking a stick at a sleeping bear. If you have questions about getting rid of yellow jackets that have not been covered in this article, click here for more information.

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