Selecting Proper Headstones in Connecticut

Selecting Proper Headstones in Connecticut

Today, families can find impeccable and beautifully crafted monuments, grave markers, and Headstones in Connecticut. They come with top-quality engraving on a wide variety of surfaces, which include granite, bronze, marble, and stone. Each project can be customized and handled with great care to ensure the final product is exactly what was requested.

Selecting a burial marker is one of the many responsibilities that loved ones will face when arranging a final resting place for a deceased family member. In order to determine which headstone to select, there are some factors to consider when making the decision.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Where the burial will take place will play a large role when determining the type of Headstones in Connecticut that should be selected. Many cemeteries have specific rules regarding the size of the structure, its design, as well as which materials can be placed in the ground. Some will not allow markers that are above ground as it makes lawn care more difficult. To avoid delays, always Get in touch with the cemetery involved before selecting a monument or headstone.

Material Types

Family members and various visitors will want to honor the deceased for many years to come. Therefore, it is important that the headstone remains intact. Some materials can handle the Connecticut climate better than others. Granite is a popular choice due to its durability and range of colors. Marble is also at the top of the list because it is easier to carve. Remember that, over time, acid from rain will wear any material down, so routine maintenance is advised.


Other than the name and dates involved, consider a personalized tribute. This could be a line from a favorite song or book. Consider accomplishments or anything else that might shed more light on the person’s life. This is just as important as the other aspects of the headstone selection.

To learn more about headstones that are available, reach out to someone in the monument service industry. They can help with the design as well as selecting the lettering font. These companies will do everything that they can to make the tribute truly special.

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