Legal Services in Nassau County NY Protect Tenant’s Rights

Legal Services in Nassau County NY Protect Tenant’s Rights

Although landlords may own the building tenant live in and they write the lease agreements, tenants do have rights. Landlords can evict tenants if they don’t follow the lease. Sometimes, unscrupulous property owners violate tenants’ rights and then attempt to use the court system to make them leave the property. Legal Services Nassau County NY landlords as well as tenants use often could represent a tenant in court to help them prove their case and save their housing.


One of the most common rights landlords violate is the right to privacy. Property owners cannot enter a tenant’s unit without giving proper notice. The lease should specify the incidents that would constitute an emergency, such as fire, gas leak or active crime. The landlord does have a right to enter the property if they give notice to the tenant but they can’t go into an apartment whenever they choose. If a landlord violates a tenant’s right to privacy, they may benefit from Legal Services Nassau County NY courts respect.


There are certain reasons a landlord can legally evict a tenant. These should be outlined in the lease so the tenant knows what can happen if they break the rules. In order to evict a tenant, a landlord must follow the court procedures. Tenants may move out of the unit any time before the court hearing and ask for the case against them to be dismissed. However, if they choose to stay and fight the eviction in court, they can do so with the help Legal Services Nassau County NY residents depend on to represent them in these kinds of hearings. During the time between the day the landlord gives a tenant notice to leave and the date of the court hearing, landlords may not lock tenants out of their units. Browse website for more information.

The landlord and tenant laws are designed to protect both parties. Landlords require protections for their property and tenants need to be protected from being illegally evicted. A tenant who has had their rights violated by their landlord can contact The Law Offices of Peter Morra in Nassau County NY to consult with an experienced landlord and tenant lawyer about their personal situation.

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