Selling Your Diamonds

by | May 10, 2016 | jewelery

When you decide to sell diamonds that you have around your home you will want to find diamond buyers in Chicago that are well versed in appraising diamonds and establishing their value.

Learn all about the 4Cs:

The 4Cs is a language that all diamond buyers in Chicago understand and use when they describe the attributes of any given diamond. When the 4Cs are taken together, the result is that which determines its quality, hence its value. For you to understand what you are selling and what a diamond buyer is likely to offer it is important that you fully understand the 4Cs.

The 4Cs are carat, clarity, color and cut.

* Carat: Diamonds are weighed in Carats; one carat weights 200mg, for reference purposes a simple paper clip that may be on your desk weighs the equivalent of two carats. The term “carat” is not the same as the term “karat” which refers to the purity of gold.

* Clarity: Diamonds are a natural material, they are formed when carbon is placed under immense pressure and heat over time. Because they are a natural material almost all of them contain some imperfection, no matter how small.

* Color: A diamond that is colorless is extremely rare and extremely valuable. Diamond buyers use a scale adopted by the Gemological Institute of America which rates the color from D, which is truly colorless through a series of grades up to Z which is a diamond with a light yellow color.

* Cut: Diamonds can be cut into a number of different shapes; it is the cut of the diamond that that has a significant impact on the way it reacts to light which is that which gives the diamond its sparkle.

When you are looking for diamond buyers in Chicago, look for those that employ trained GIA experts who can analyze your diamond against the 4Cs standards. Contact Chicago Gold Gallery at for more details.

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