Separating the Recyclables From the Trash for a Company Providing Waste Management in Baltimore MD

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Waste Management

Thinking “green” is a priority for a company offering residential service for Waste Management in Baltimore MD. To encourage their customers to recycle, they don’t require separating different types of recyclables from each other. All the recyclable items can go in one container, with the trash going to another receptacle. Customers put everything by the street on the scheduled day, and the waste removal service picks it up. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

It’s surprising how many people still don’t bother to recycle, even with the process made this easy. If they’ve never done it before, it may feel like too much of a learning curve. However, a company providing service for Waste Management in Baltimore MD gives customers a list of recyclable items, and that list is typically available on the organization’s website as well.

These days, a large number of materials don’t have to be sent to landfills. A company such as Bay Area Disposal asks customers to recycle all plastic containers that have recycling symbols on them, for example. The company takes glass, along with cans made of steel, tin and aluminum. Instead of throwing junk mail in the trash, that can be put in the other container along with newspapers, magazines, printer paper, paper bags and any other clean paper. Corrugated cardboard can go in there as well. Customers may want to ask about the brightly colored paper, as this is a problem for some clients who buy paper for reuse.

As can be seen, there really isn’t all that much left for the garbage receptacle. Food waste can go there if the customer doesn’t have a compost pile or a garbage disposal. Paper plates, food wrappers, napkins and cardboard pizza boxes that have food stains should go in the trash, as should use plastic food bags and foam containers. Plastic bags from grocery stores and other stores usually aren’t accepted for recycling by waste management companies, but many stores take them back if deposited in a container near one of the doors. Customers can ask about other items for which it’s not clear whether to use the recycling or the garbage receptacle. Some companies accept milk and juice cartons, for instance, while others don’t.

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