Services for Plumbing in Cedar Rapids, IA Include Repairs for Sewer Line Sags

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Sewer & Drain Cleaning

The work of a plumber is never done, mainly because plumbing gradually erodes over time and periodically needs to be replaced. One of the issues that specialists in plumbing in Cedar Rapids, IA address is that of sewer line sags. A sewer line sag happens when a pipe continues to hold water after the flow of water has stopped. Other potential causes, such as the buildup of debris, must be ruled out before making a determination on how to remedy the blockage.

How a Sag Develops

A sag occurs then when the pipe in the sewer has lost its positive slope. This slope should travel to an ultimate destination, such as the septic tank or the main sewerage line. If a line is installed correctly, it should have a positive slope across its entire length.

Again, a sag is identified when water continues to pool after the flow has stopped. Plumbing problems surface when incoming water is flushed down the pipeline and hits the standing water, thereby blocking the path. Severe low spots can cause water, as well as any transported debris, to lose its momentum and settle into the belly, thereby causing a distinct blockage.

What Factors Cause Sags in Pipes?

According to plumbing specialists at Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning, low areas can result from various factors, including poor soil compaction, earthquakes, or sediment settlement. More often than not, a sag will develop at a fitting, rather than in the middle of a solid pipe. Immense pressure would need to be exerted for a belly to form anyplace else.

When it comes to making a repair, in most instances, plumbers replace the affected section of pipe so that a proper slope can be reinstated. The modern equipment of today allows contractors to replace this type of pipe in a quick, easy, efficient manner. You can find out more about plumbing services by reviewing plumbing sites online, or by reading through home improvement blogs and portals.

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