Shipping Companies in Oahu Provide Vital Services in the Commercial Supply Chain

by | May 3, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Logistics is the science of organizing the movement and storage of large quantities of material. From initial shipment to final delivery and every stage in between, freight must be quantified, categorized, tracked, and then transported and stored on schedule to ensure timely delivery to the right destinations.

Oftentimes, freight passes through multiple delivery points before it finally reaches its end destination. At each stage of the forwarding process, the goods are either moved directly from one shipper to another or moved to temporary storage until the next scheduled shipment is due to be sent off to the next contact point.

Shipping Companies in Oahu, such as Landmark Logistics Corporation, provide fast and reliable freight forwarding, shipping, warehousing, and cube utilization services for their clients. They have built up extensive operational capabilities to handle quantities of cargo ranging from small shipments to large container loads amounting to several million dollars in value.

Dockside transport will pick up freight, to be taken by container truck. The container load is then driven to a warehouse facility. There, the cargo is offloaded and sorted by client, type of shipment, or delivery schedule block. These shippers have long-established partnerships with a constellation of retailers, movers, warehouse and storage companies, and commercial package delivery services who handle intermediate storage and final delivery to the storefront door.

During each stage of the process, the logistics company maintains and updates extensive databases on the shipments they process. At any time, a data clerk is capable of calling up the records of any shipment. The clerk can provide information on date and time of receipt, type of cargo, the storage facility to which it was moved, when it was picked up, any secondary delivery service, and when and where it was sent.

The information can be retrieved in an instant to keep the client informed as to the delivery statute. In the event of an item’s loss, the last point of delivery and storage can be identified to facilitate recovery of the missing item and ultimate delivery.

Each of the dozen-plus Shipping Companies in Oahu maintains fleets of container trucks and delivery vans and large warehousing sites. With these assets, they are able to effectively and efficiently perform their vital function in the commercial supply chain.

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