Why Invest In Strip Doors and Strip Curtains in California

Strip doors and strip curtains in California are a business essential. It’s a good idea to purchase these items concurrently with or very shortly after purchasing your refrigeration unit or taking over a business with one. The money these items will save your business is well worth the time spent looking for quality strip doors and strip curtains in California. Over time, the money you will save on other expenses as a direct result of strip doors and strip curtains will be well worth the money spent on purchasing them.

Saves On Energy Costs

Strip doors and strip curtains in California are guaranteed to save you money on energy costs. A ton of refrigeration escapes when doors are left open – and often there is a business need to have the doors open for hours at a time. Unloading and loading trucks alone can take hours, requiring the refrigerator doors to be left open the entire time. In order to compensate for the increased temperature within the refrigeration unit, some owners lower the temperature even further, which can cost six percent more on your bill per degree. That is a lot of wasted energy, which will impact your next energy bill in a major way. Strip doors and strip curtains help cut down on this waste, by allowing items to be moved in and out of the unit freely, while still acting as a barrier to the outside. Most strip doors and strip curtains are clear, so employees, staff, and delivery people can easily see in and out, also reducing the likelihood of any accidents.

Preserves Your Equipment

Constantly readjusting the temperature to account for wide open doors can wreck havoc on your refrigeration equipment. Strip doors and strip curtains in California help to maintain a constant temperature in your unit without the need to change the internal temperature on a frequent basis. This also helps to remove coil icing, and will help you maintain your refrigeration unit for a much longer period of time. It also removes the need for frequent defrosting, which can be costly and time consuming.

Food Items Will Last Longer

Keeping the cool air in the refrigeration unit, even when moving a large number of items out, will undoubtedly help you to keep items that may perish or spoil last longer. This will increase profit margins, and reduce food waste. In some refrigeration units, the presence of strip doors and strip curtains will extend the shelf life of any perishable item by as much as fifty percent, meaning you won’t have to write food waste off of your bottom line.

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