Should Dog Groomers in Alexandria VA be Experienced in Different Breeds?

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Veterinarians

There are many types of dog breeds that require grooming. All dog breeds require at least bathing and nail trimming. When dog groomers in Alexandria, VA are hired at a veterinarian or dog salon, it is important for them to be trained in grooming different breeds of dogs. This will help them acquire new clients and keep them. There are some cuts on dogs more specialized than others. For example, a poodle has a very high maintenance haircut. Below are a few top cuts for groomers to be familiar with for all breeds.

Puppy or Teddy Bear Cut

A puppy or teddy bear cut is a very short hairstyle given to active dogs. These cuts are the same thing. It is generally given to dogs with longer hair and intended to make them look like a puppy again. The cut is popular because it allows the dog to run around and be active without worrying about getting a tangled coat. All of their hair is cut to one length. This cut is often seen for dogs performing in dog shows.

Sanitary Trim

This type of haircut is for sanitary purposes. It allows for the hair on the body of the dog to be trimmed in a regular style but shaved in their genital area and around their mouth and eyes. This prevents any secreted wastes from staying in their hair. It also keeps food from getting caught in the hair around their mouth. The eye area is shaved to get any crust buildup from watery eyes.

Breed Cut

These cuts are given to dogs more specific to their breed. These types of cuts are set in place by the American Kennel Club (AKC). People will generally only do this if their dog is participating in a show. These cuts take much longer than normal grooming and cost sometimes three to five times as much.

Dog grooming is a specialized career. Not only does a person have to be good with people and know how to communicate properly, but they must also be good and gentle with the dogs. Contact any to hear about the dog groomers in Alexandria, VA and their experience with different breeds.

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