Raise Money for Your School, Group, or Organization with the Help of Restaurants in Honolulu

Are you looking to raise money for a school or organization? For many, the funds needed to operate a school, program, or group have now become harder to come by. Fortunately, several Restaurants in Honolulu offer fundraising programs for this purpose, and many chose to work with Zippy’s Restaurants. What makes this program so popular?

Qualified Groups

Any legitimate non-profit organization or group may ask to take part in a benefit fundraiser. This means school and church groups, charities, and athletic organizations, among others, can work with the restaurant to generate cash. At this time, the company has helped organizations raise more than $1 million dollars and the number continues to climb.

How Does the Program Work?

An application must be submitted to the Administrative Office and list two individuals over the age of 18 who will be responsible for the fundraiser. Once these two individuals, who cannot be relatives or live in the same household, have shown proof of their identity, the fundraiser may begin. An advance payment must be put down for organizations who have never work with Zippy’s before in this capacity or have not done so within the past two years. This payment will be applied to the amount due when the fundraiser ends.

When the advance payment has been submitted, tickets are issued to the organization. These tickets are then sold to individuals and the buyer may redeem the ticket at any Zippy’s restaurant for Zippy’s Pancake Mix, Zippy’s Chili, Portuguese Bean Soup, or Meat Sauce. A portion of the ticket price goes to the organization and the remaining funds are paid to Zippy’s for the product. This fundraiser typically lasts 60 days and this date or the expiration date is printed directly on the ticket.

Browse the website to learn more about this fundraising program, how it works, and more. While many Restaurants in Honolulu offer fundraising programs, organizations find the popularity of Zippy’s is of great help to them in obtaining the best return on investment. Don’t let the organization struggle due to insufficient funds. Try this program today, as you may be surprised to see how much cash you can bring in quickly.

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