Should You Quit Smoking Help?

by | Aug 13, 2014 | Online Business

This is really a joke question and it does not mean that there is a new smoking product called “Help” on the market which is so dubious in nature that you should quit smoking it. Rather, Quit Smoking Help actually refers to helping people to quit smoking tobacco products.

Why Would You Need Quit Smoking Help?

For many habitual smokers, they find that they enjoy their habit so much that they have absolutely no desire to ever give it up. This is despite the fact that most smokers are fully aware of the risks associated with their habit plus the fact that smoking could be likened to simply burning dollar bills for the fun of it.
Smokers love to see that much of the scientific “evidence” against smoking can be open to different shades of meaning. Many will cite a relative who lived to be a hundred despite smoking heavily every day since youth. Or the number of lung cancer victims who have never smoked anything at all. Few will admit that this attitude could be nothing more than procrastination since they do not wish to dwell upon the twin questions of:-

  • Why do they smoke?
  • And, why do they find it so difficult to stop smoking?

For the first question, the answer usually is – “because they enjoy it”. For the second, a typical answer would be – “because they do not want to stop”, although, in some cases, that could be modified into – “we tried but found we could not stop”.

Willpower Or A Convincing Reason

A lack of these is probably why we still have so many smokers in the world to this day. Left to their own devices, smokers will tend to stick with their habit and only make feeble attempts to quit. Many need help to gain the necessary motivation to become non-smokers for the rest of their lives.

For some, the need to keep a smoke free environment around their newborn child could provide that motivation. The less fortunate might become motivated following a visit to a doctor who bluntly tells them that they will soon be dead if they do not quit smoking.

Those are extreme motivational examples and the majority of smokers would be better advised to seek out some form of Quit Smoking Help and assistance to provide them with the support that they will need to see them through their decision to try and stop smoking.


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