Signs it is Time for Transmission Repair in Mesa

Signs it is Time for Transmission Repair in Mesa

Transmission Repair in Mesa is a phrase that creates fear for many vehicle owners. However, if a person owns their vehicle long enough, it is an issue they are going to face eventually. The good news is that most vehicles are going to show symptoms that a transmission is having issues before it just stops working altogether. The fact is, the sooner a driver takes their vehicle in at the signs of the symptoms here, the better chance they have of only having to pay for minimal repairs.

Issues Changing Gears

Since the gears in the vehicle are an important part of the transmission, any change in the shifting process is a sure sign that Transmission Repair in Mesa is needed. Some of the signs that there are issues when shifting gears include:

  • Hesitation when putting the car in gear
  • Jerking feelings when shifting gears
  • The vehicle shifts gears with no apparent reason
  • The vehicle falls out of gear while going down the road

Shimmying or Grinding in Between Gears

If changing a vehicle’s gears creates a grinding sound, in manual transmission vehicles, or a shimmying or shaking occurs in automatic transmissions, it is an indication that there is a worn clutch or some other type of issue present. In any situation, if this issue occurs, a driver should seek repairs right away.

Strange Noises or Whining Sounds

In many cases, issues with the transmission are seen when the vehicle starts to make strange sounds, such as clunks, buzzing, or whining. If a vehicle sounds extremely noisy while it is in neutral, then it needs to be looked at right away. While other things besides the transmission can cause this issue, they should never go on without being evaluated.

The transmission is an important part of any vehicle. If it is not working properly, it is going to result in the vehicle not running properly, and in some cases, at all. More information about transmission service and when it is needed can be found by taking some time to contact us. Being informed can help ensure a vehicle continues running properly.

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