Signs it’s Time to Call a Foundation Repair Service in Fairfax, VA

Signs it’s Time to Call a Foundation Repair Service in Fairfax, VA

No home, no matter how well-constructed, will last long if the foundation it is built on is not in good condition. There are a wide variety of underlying issues that can cause foundation problems, including improper drainage, poor soil conditions, or nearby tree growth.

Regardless of why the foundation is damaged, though, the first step toward solving the problem is always to determine whether it’s time to call a foundation repair service in Fairfax VA. Read on to find out about a few of the most common signs of damage that merit calling in professional help.

Fractures and Cracks

Visible fractures and cracks in the foundation are some of the most obvious early warning signs of trouble to come. They can occur due to environmental problems such as excessive rainfall, earthquakes, or even droughts.

While vertical cracks typically appear due to settling, horizontal cracks often indicate the walls are moving inward. Some cracks may be shallow enough to constitute cosmetic, rather than structural, issues. It’s always best to have them checked out by a professional, though, as addressing cracks and fractures early can avoid the need for much more expensive repairs further down the line.

Settling and Sinking

If one side of the home seems to be lower than the other, the chances are the structure has begun to sink. This occurs when the soil beneath a building begins to fall under its weight. Settling and sinking are often accompanied by the cracks and fractures described above and can lead to quite costly repairs if the issues are not addressed in their earliest stages.

Water Problems

If there’s water leaking into the basement, it’s coming from somewhere. A foundation repair service in Fairfax VA can determine the source of the water and suggest appropriate methods of removing it. These may include crack repair and the installation of an internal or external drainage system.

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