Do You Have a Portable Exit Route, Get a Sturdy Fire Escape Ladder

Do You Have a Portable Exit Route, Get a Sturdy Fire Escape Ladder

You can probably remember going through a routine fire drill at your school when you were younger. Everyone would practice exiting the building with their teacher and class, and head to a safe place where there would then be a head count of everyone. When you think about it, this is exactly how a fire exit routine should go, even with your family. Here are some things you definitely want to discuss for a fire exit route in your next family meeting.

Where to Meet

Everyone should know the meeting spot once they get out of the house. Try to find a place that’s a safe distance away from your house, but is still visible from your front door. This allows anyone who’s close to the house to see how many people are already at the meeting spot. Having a portable communicating device, like a cell phone, also help to connect everyone. Your neighbor’s house, the end of the street, or by your mailbox are all good places that everyone can meet at.

What’s the Best Exit

It’s also important to discuss which door everyone should leave out of. You should aim to find whichever path is the easiest and fastest way to get out of the house. Take note that this doesn’t have to be your front door. It could be a garage door or even a patio door.

If you live in a house with a second or third floor, you should teach everyone how to use a fire escape ladder. Sometimes, using the stairs in these types of houses is not possible during a fire, so you have to leave for a second or third story window. Practice setting up this ladder, and even do a few test climbs down it to get a feel of how to properly get out of a window.

Do you need a portable fire escape ladder? Contact First Alert for a fire escape ladder and many more safety products.

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