Signs You Need Auto Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Autos Repair

No matter how long you have driven your vehicle, there is always a chance that something will go wrong with it while you are on the road and you will need auto transmission repair from an expert. Even if you know nothing about cars or what can cause different problems, it is a good idea to be aware of signs that you may need transmission work done on your car.

Problems Shifting

The gears of your car are an important part of the transmission. If you have noticed problems with shifting, then you may need auto transmission repair. These problems can include jerking when you are shifting, not staying in gear while you are driving, and the car was hesitating when you are putting it into gear. Any of these problems mean that you should get your car to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible so that you can have it looked at.

It Is Stinky

While cars often smell of fuel and rubber, there is another smell that is a sure sign that you need auto transmission repair in Grand Rapids, MI. This is the smell of burning transmission fluid. This fluid usually smells sweet and is bright red, but when it smells like it is burning and hot, then something is wrong. In addition, if you have noticed your car leaking red fluid in your driveway or in a parking lot, then that is a sure sign that you have transmission problems.

The sooner you get your transmission repaired, the faster you will be back to driving. You can limit the amount of damage that is done to your car by taking it in for repairs as soon as you notice that there is a problem. Click here for more information on this type of repair and how our experts can help you stay safe on the road.

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