Signs That It’s Time to Call a Septic System Expert

Signs That It’s Time to Call a Septic System Expert

If a homeowner moves to a rural area, they may not have the convenience a city sewer system provides. Just like other parts of the home, it’s important to maintain the septic system and drain the tank occasionally. Below are a few signs that indicate it’s time to call a Septic System Expert for help.

A Strong Odor

Foul odors are one of the first signs a homeowner notices. As one may guess, the waste in a septic tank gives off smelly gases. Once the tank is almost full, the gases will seep into the surrounding air. Take an occasional walk around the tank bed and pay careful attention to the smell of the air.

Gurgling Pipes

If there’s no odor in the air, there may be sounds in the pipes. When the septic system starts backing up and the plumbing is used, the pipes may make gurgling noises. Call a pro to have the tank drained before more unpleasant symptoms surface.

Slow-Flushing Toilets

Even if the pipes aren’t making noise, the home’s toilets may flush slowly. Additionally, water within sinks, tubs, and showers may drain slower than normal. While these signs may indicate a plumbing clog, they can also show that the septic system needs maintenance. A Septic System Expert can properly diagnose and resolve the problem.

Time Since the Last Service Call

If a homeowner hasn’t seen any of the trouble signs listed here, they should still have the septic tank drained regularly. The time between service calls depends on the size of the household and the size of the tank. For instance, a five-person family with a 1000-gallon tank should have the tank pumped biyearly, while a three-person family with a 1000-gallon tank may only need it drained every three or four years. A septic expert can recommend the right maintenance schedule.

Call Today

Septic systems don’t get much thought, but they can cause serious problems. If a homeowner notices any of these signs, or if they have questions about their septic system, they can count on the pros at Visit the website for more information or call today to schedule septic tank service.

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