Signs You May Need Service For Your Watch in Leominster MA

Keeping a watch serviced will keep it working properly and prevent major damages from occurring. Although a fine timepiece can last a lifetime, watches that are worn on a regular basis can be affected by the everyday stress of wear and tear. There are many factors that can cause a watch to need to be serviced, such as dings, magnetization issues, and moisture. It is important a person seeks a professional for maintenance on their Watch Leominster MA.

If these four issues are present, it is time to seek watch service:

  • Should one begin to see any amount of moisture inside the case, it is crucial they act quickly and seek repairs. The slightest amount of moisture can quickly begin to corrode the many parts inside the case and cause major damage. If one acts quickly, the issue can be taken care of before damages occur.

  • If the second hand is missing a beat as it ticks off the seconds, it is time to seek service for a Watch Leominster MA. Unless internal damage has occurred, this sign likely means the battery needs to be replaced. If a dead battery is left in place, it can cause damaging battery acid leaks.

  • When a rattling sound occurs inside the case, this likely means there are loose or damaged parts that need to be addressed right away. There are many very tiny, very delicate springs and gears inside the case that can slip out. This repair should only be handled by a professional who is accustomed to watch repair.

  • When a watch begins staying a few seconds fast or slow, the culprit is often magnetization. There are many ways a watch can be affected by magnets. If this happens, a service call needs to take place.

If your watch is exhibiting any of these issues, it is important you seek prompt service, so further damage does not occur. If you would like to have your watch serviced, contact Elliott’s Jewelers. They will provide you with the superior service you need so your watch can be protected. Call them today to schedule your service appointment.


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