What to Expect When Going in for a Botox Treatment in Katy, TX

Today, Botox has become a common topic of conversation. Both men and women go in for treatments and truly appreciate the changes it makes to their appearance. But what about those new to Botox Treatments in Katy TX? Will the injections hurt? Will it make a noticeable difference? Here’s what to expect when going in for a Botox treatment.

A consultation with a professional is always the first step before receiving Botox. The goal is to take a closer look at the face and determine if Botox is the right choice and where is should be administered. For those that are unsure of whether or not a Botox Treatment in Katy TX is a good choice, this meeting with the doctor offers lots of insight and information. Doctors can make recommendations about where the injection would be most effective or offer alternative solutions for other areas of the face.

Once the consultation is complete and a patient decides to go ahead with the procedure, a numbing agent is applied to the face in order to reduce the amount of pain a person experiences. It takes just a few minutes to apply the lotion and its sits on the face while everything is being prepared. Many people find some added peace of mind knowing that they will only feel a muted prick as the needle is injected into the skin.

Patients lie back as a doctor begins to inject small amounts of Botox into certain parts of the face. These needle pricks are shallow and because of the numbing agent, rarely cause a severe amount of pain. In fact, many patients describe the feeling like a very small poke that causes little to no pain. The number of injections and the amount of time it takes depends on what the patient and professional decided in advance.

Once the process is complete, some patients put ice on these areas of their faces in order to help with the discomfort. It is important to note that it takes several days to see the full effect of the Botox injections.

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