Signs You Need to Get New Roof Tiles in Edinburgh Fitted on Your Property

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Roofing

Do you ever wonder how the roof on your home shields the structure from rain, snow and sunshine? Normally, roofs are fitted with clay, slate or concrete roof tiles in Edinburgh. These strong materials can stand the test of time and require little to no maintenance. However, general wear and tear can take its toll. By looking out for potential problems you can arrange for repairs to be completed before the problem worsens. The following warning signs indicate that you need to get old tiles replaced with assistance from a professional.

Shingle Problems

Buckling, curling and cupping shingles are a common problem associated with roof tiles in Edinburgh. These problems will tell you that the shingles have reached the end of their lifespan and need replacing. Missing shingles also indicate that your roof is failing, as do shingles in the gutter. When gutters become obstructed with shingles, they won’t be able to transport water away as effectively. As a result, the chances of a leak or pooling will be high, so don’t hesitate to get expert assistance with this.

Old Age

No matter what type of roof tiles in Edinburgh you choose, whether it is clay, concrete or slate, the tile will have a certain lifespan that no amount of maintenance can alter.  Most roofs will last for 20-25 years when installed properly, according to expert roofers. If the tiles on your property have not been changed for some time, your roof may deal with ventilation problems. In this case, an entire roof replacement will be necessary, particularly if another layer of tile was fitted over an old layer before you moved into the property.

Valleys and Chimney Flashing

Inspect the valleys on your roof to determine whether or not the tiles need replacing. If the shingles are missing in these areas, you will most definitely need to get a new roof installed by someone with relevant experience. The valleys are an integral part of the roof, because rain and snow will flow through the valleys, rather than the gutters. Leaks will be likely if these parts are damaged, and the roof will also be susceptible to problems if the chimney flashing is not water-tight. Are the chimney flashings made of tar or roof cement? If so, repairs and replacements should be completed every couple of years.

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