Improve Curb Appeal With Professional Residential Roofing in Wichita, Kansas

Anyone driving through a neighborhood quickly spots the nicest looking homes on the block. Those homes will be well taken care of, with well-maintained landscaping, quality siding, and roofs that appear to have been designed especially for each home. The roof colors enhance each home’s overall color scheme, with textures that look like cedar shakes or tile. Those roofs did not happen by accident. They were carefully planned by professionals who know how to make the most of any home’s style.

Residential Roofing in Wichita Kansas comes in many forms. While the most commonly used roofing material continues to be some type of composition shingle, local roofing experts routinely work with clients to select other materials that protect homes from the elements, but also improve curb appeal. Homeowners with a historic Victorian, for example, will likely select entirely different materials than an owner constructing a chic, contemporary structure.

Shakes continue to be historically correct options for many older homes, but today’s options also include high-end architectural shingles that mimic the look of shakes at a much lower price. The choice is up to the homeowner, but with the help of a Residential Roofing in Wichita Kansas contractor, homeowners will have the information necessary to make an educated decision. In a case where all other homes in the neighborhood have genuine cedar shake roofs, homeowners may feel they must fit in, and base the decision on that type of factor.

Tile and slate roofing options should also be considered, as those materials are designed to last indefinitely. Unlike most shingles, tile and slate need occasional maintenance, but are unlikely to require replacement during the home’s life. Of course, those options cost more than composition shingles, but initial costs should never be the only factor when considering roofing materials.

No matter what type of roofing product is selected, homeowners should work with roofing contractors to establish a routine maintenance schedule. As a rule, all roofing products should be inspected at least once per year. Composition shingles are prone to wind and hail damage, and need to be carefully examined after any major weather event. While roofing products like slate and tile rarely see weather damage, valley areas and seals around any vents or other roof penetrations may require maintenance. To determine which type of product is best for a specific home, and will add the most curb appeal, click here to investigate more info.


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