Signs Your Home Requires Indoor Air Quality Testing in Charleston SC

A lot of people don’t realize that the level of air pollutants in their homes can be up to one hundred times higher than those outdoors. With so many folks spending a majority of their days inside, this can be a serious health hazard. The hot summers and cold winters of Charleston make it tempting to spend the majority of your free time at home. With high local humidity levels that can encourage the growth of mold and propagation of other air pollutants, it’s important to know what you’re breathing in your bedroom, kitchen, or home office.

Indoor mold, particularly black mold, can cause severe, lasting health effects, but it’s not the only culprit. Many chemicals used in cleaning products and other goods used in your everyday life can become dispersed throughout your air supply, causing trouble breathing, lung irritation, and sometimes even serious illnesses. Even your beloved dog or cat can cause a spike in air contaminants during pollen season or a serious shed.

Some of these contaminants are nothing to worry about, but almost 200 of them have been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as potentially harmful to human health. As many of them are odorless, it can be hard to know if pollutants in the air have reached harmful levels. But there are some warning signs that you should take recourse to Indoor Air Quality Testing in Charleston SC.

Inhabitants and their family members and guests experiencing headaches, watery and itchy eyes, or difficulty breathing that are worsened when they are in the home environment are often a sign that your air quality is declining. Factors such as pets, smokers in the home, recent remodeling projects, the presence of an attached garage, and frequency of chemical and organic cleaning supply use all come into play as well.

There’s no sense in risking your respiratory health and overall well-being, or that of your family’s, when there is such an easy solution. If you’re concerned about the potential health risks of inside air pollutants, speak with an experienced professional about testing the quality of your air to ensure that what you’re breathing in your home isn’t doing you harm. Contact Preferred Home Services to find out more about Indoor Air Quality Testing in Charleston SC.

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