Situations Where You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Situations Where You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Most people are aware that a real estate agent brings in a huge commission, in many cases. While that commission is commonly paid for by the seller, sometimes it can also be passed on to the buyer. Real estate attorneys can also cost a decent amount, which makes it important that you hire one only if the need is there. In this article, we’ll consider whether you might need a real estate attorney in the 60521 zip code.

Understanding the Law

The law on real estate varies based on state. In most cases, having a real estate lawyer isn’t mandatory. An agent can assist with many tasks, including preparation of a home purchase contract. However, in some states, a lawyer must be present to prepare this document, to perform title searches, and to close the real estate deal.

Reasons to Hire an Agent

Purchasing a house is a complex process, one that usually requires an agent’s help. There’s a ton of paperwork that can be complicated to handle on your own. There are other things to handle, as well. You’ll be hiring inspectors, keeping relations up with the home seller, and negotiating about who pays for repairs. A real estate agent can help you with those things easily. Some of them may even have contacts with high-quality brokers, inspectors, and others. They will also be able to explain the proper practices and behavior for your location.

Choosing to Hire an Attorney

Not every real estate transaction requires an attorney. However, when legal issues that come up, you want a real estate attorney in 60521. Good agents can do a lot, but they aren’t able to provide the information you need when it comes to legal questions. This might apply in the following situations, for example:

  • Land use or zoning disputes
  • Gas and oil rights
  • Farm preservation
  • Access to water
  • Historical property
  • Beachfront property
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Property subject to the easement

An attorney is also an excellent idea in situations where the property is high-quality. In those cases, an attorney can ensure the buyer is doing what they need with regards to a full home inspection and determining if the property is in premier shape. Also, the attorney can help negotiation for you if there are more issues.

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