Solar Eclipse Viewer: Protecting Your Eyes During a Solar Eclipse

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Eyeglasses

Witnessing a solar eclipse, whether it is partial or total can be quite an exciting event. If you live in an area where you get a chance to view such an event, it is important to be prepared with safe viewing practices by using solar eclipse viewer. Let’s review some of these practices below:

Eclipse Glasses for Proper Protection
When looking at an eclipse, you must have proper protection for your eyes. This is due to the fact of the light from the sun during eclipse can cause your pupils to dilate due to the darkness. As well, the rays of the sun are actually very powerful during an eclipse, although it may not seem like it due to the nature of an eclipse. However, your eyes are able to absorb a considerable amount of ultraviolet radiation simply from staring at the event. This can lead to permanent eye damage. In order to properly protect your eyes during this event, it is necessary to wear the proper solar eclipse glasses. These are inexpensive glasses that can protect your eyes and help you enjoy the event.

Solar Filters
You may also want to view in eclipse or a telescope with filters. It is not safe to view an eclipse through a solar eclipse through any device unfiltered, including binoculars or telescope. Solar filters only allow small quantity of sunlight to pass through them. They can help you safely view a solar eclipse. As well, it is not advisable to stare at an eclipse for long periods of time even with proper protection. Rather, view the eclipse briefly with solar eclipse glasses or a solar eclipse viewer and then look away.

Telescope and Camera Solar Filters
Some companies sell a filter that is metal coated and fits over a telescope or camera lens. These filters are not the same as solar eyepiece for a telescope. Solar eyepieces may come with small amateur telescopes, but they are not safe because they can crack under heat, permitting sunlight to potentially enter your eyes and produce damage.

When observing in eclipse, it is important to follow all necessary safety procedures in order to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s UV rays. If you do not take proper precautions, you are risking potential blindness viewing the event unprotected. Always know what is necessary to keep your eyes safe when watching a solar eclipse – where solar eclipse glasses or a solar eclipse viewer and follow best viewing practices.

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