Some Options in Hardwood Mouldings in Mission Viejo CA

When choosing the right wood for Mouldings in Mission Viejo CA, one thing is usually clear right away: Hardwoods are the top choice. While every hardwood has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, this group of woods is overall the best for durability. Here are several of the top choices for mouldings in the home when considering the different hardwoods.

Ipe Wood: Ipe wood is sometimes also called Brazilian Walnut wood. This kind of wood is found primarily in South America. It is also occasionally found in Central America. Ipe is a very hard wood that is also quite dense. Even though it is not extremely pliable, it can be fashioned into extremely attractive and highly durable mouldings thanks to sophisticated woodworking machines. The rich brown of ipe can blend beautifully with nearly any home interior. While it can be fairly costly, this type of hardwood will last a lifetime.

Basswood: Basswood is a very unusual hardwood because of its light weight. People who are looking for a light and bright look in their crown moulding will usually choose this type of wood due to its pale creamy appearance. Although Basswood is technically categorized as a hardwood, it is actually fairly soft when compared to the other hardwoods like ipe wood. It is easily carved and shaped, making it ideal for anyone who wants to have elaborate mouldings.

Ash Wood: Ash wood is one of the most popular of all moulding choices today for several reasons. This kind of wood is most often grown locally in the U.S., typically in the Eastern states. Ash wood is extremely strong, although not as strong as ipe wood. This kind of hardwood is more flexible than would normally be expected from such a hard wood, making it an excellent option for mouldings. Ash wood is especially attractive for many homeowners because it comes in a variety of shades. It may occur in any color from a deep black to a pale grayish white. If you want to add beautiful hardwood Mouldings in Mission Viejo CA to your home, consider calling Capistrano Hardwoods to find out more today!

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