Space Enhancing Residential Landscaping Ideas in Long Island NY

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Landscaping

When someone has a small property, they may want to use some Residential Landscaping Ideas in Long Island NY to make it appear larger. There are several landscaping tricks one can use to make a small parcel of land look bigger than it really is. Here are a few ways to give the appearance of added property space.

Drawing the eyes in more than one direction in a yard can make it feel bigger. Having several attractions will help to accomplish this task. Think about purchasing a lawn statute, bird bath, or fountain to place on the land. This will draw the eyes upward, making the area feel larger as a result. Adding retaining walls to a property will have the same effect.

Consider changing the sidewalk leading up to the front steps of the home from a straight path to a curved one. This will automatically trick the brain into thinking the front lawn area is larger. Use cobblestone or bricks to achieve this type of sidewalk, giving it a pleasing look with a twist.

Designate sections within the yard for separate activities. For example, have one area designated as a small garden, have another’s main purpose for relaxing in chairs with a table and umbrella, and have yet another made just for yard games. Having the yard sectioned off in this manner will give people several areas to look at, making the time they spend viewing the area longer. This will make them think the area is larger.

Do not use fences, bushes, or trees to line the perimeter of a property. This will make the area defined, making it feel smaller. Avoiding these things will make the edges of the property undefined, allowing neighboring properties to add to the view, making the yard feel bigger.

If someone wishes to find out more Residential Landscaping Ideas in Long Island NY, they can call a reputable landscaping service in the area. They will have the tools needed to make a property look bigger while maintaining a neat appearance. Contact a company like AC Landscaping to get an estimate today.

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