Stainless Steel Becomes Art

Stainless Steel Becomes Art

Artists work in a variety of media, but one of the best looking materials for contemporary sculpture is stainless steel. When material costs are high, most artists find themselves scaling back their works a bit, but many steel sculptures are quite large. To keep the right gear in the hands of artists, it is a good idea to recycle salvageable metals like this to help offset rising prices. If you have a need for stainless steel in San Jose, be sure to ask sellers you meet if they buy back surplus pieces.

Plasma Cutting Offers New Artistic Methods

Among the methods for sculpting stainless steel works of art is plasma cutting. Using the ionized arc of gas, such as oxygen or air, plasma cutters focus heat energy to penetrate and perforate at minute measurements. Essentially, this creates a seamless incision through the metal. Plasma cutting provides clean cuts when done right and by the most sophisticated hands, making it perfect for contemporary sculptures featuring clean lines and sharing bold messages. Highly accurate and controllable, the plasma may be applied to cut a wide range of metal thicknesses, from less than 40 mm to 150 mm. This increases the possibilities of manipulating the material for the artists, and that increases their opportunity to diversify their rather a simple medium.

Whether Intricate or Simple, Stainless Steel Is Elegant

The possibilities for altering metal via plasma cutting for artistic effects are limited only by the artist’s imagination. Many artists and craftsman apply plasma cutting to create amazing cut outs in fixtures and doors. These are often reminiscent of block art prints. The simplicity of the medium combined with sometimes intricate designs can be quite elegant, and that puts such skilled work in high demand. In fact, these designs can be incorporated into home décor, garden gate creations and professional art installations. Of all things, stainless steel in San Jose is known for its versatility as well as durability.

Safety First, Beauty Follows

Anyone planning to alter metal should be very aware of the various dangers involved. Proper handling of the material is necessary. Additionally, any time a plasma arc will be used to cut through steel, proper eye wear must be worn.

If you are an artist or craftsman, stainless steel in San Jose may provide the artistic medium you need for a variety of projects. Find stainless steel in San Jose to achieve new heights and increase your artistic scope.

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