Start with a Fresh Finish after Concrete Stripping in Bellingham, WA

Start with a Fresh Finish after Concrete Stripping in Bellingham, WA

There are many creative finishes available for modern concrete floors. You can easily add a stain or epoxy to seal off the floor for daily use. This, however, can wear down over time. When it begins to look dull or chips away, you may need to completely strip the surface before you add a new coating. This should be done by professionals, as it can cause a lot of dust and residue to fly into the air. Chemicals used may also be professional grade and very strong. You can prepare for a fresh finish with a little help from a quality stripping company.

The Assessment

When you are ready to begin a new project on your concrete floor, call for a professional that deals with concrete stripping in Bellingham, WA. A representative can assess the floor and decide what is best for your situation. If the floor is severely worn down, the job may go much more quickly. If you are removing a perfectly intact sealant, simply to change the color or texture, it may be a longer process. The size of the area also determines what method may be used. Mechanical concrete stripping is done through grinding with a machine. Chemicals are used to dissolve the coating in other situations.

Preparing the Area

When you are getting ready for the concrete stripping to begin, you need to get your home ready for the task. If your garage is the room in question, it is already separated from the rest of the house. You simply need to clear it out for the procedure. Move the items to a shed or onsite storage container. If the room is in your home, make sure the workers seal off the rest of the house with plastic sheeting to keep dust and fumes in the room only. You may also need to close off the air conditioning vent or turn your air off. View more details online.

Home renovations can be a lot of fun when you hire right kind of help. Once your floors are stripped, you can enjoy picking out a new finish or epoxy. The same company that stripped the floors can often handle this, as well.

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