Signs its Time for Commercial Asphalt Repair

Asphalt provides a convenient and inexpensive means of creating the parking lots and sidewalks that are necessary for maintaining a commercial business, but even well-maintained asphalt degrades over time. If this degradation is left unchecked, the area will eventually have to be completely repaved. Instead of paying for frequent repaving, keep an eye out for these signs that an area is in need of commercial asphalt repair.


As asphalt degrades due to collected water or general use, potholes are sometimes the unfortunate result. These can pose significant dangers to vehicles and will only grow larger if left unchecked. On the other hand, if they are caught early they can easily be repaired. The sides must be squared and a special blend of asphalt poured into the remaining hole. This simple and cost-effective solution can add years to a parking lot’s lifespan.

Widening or Multiplying Cracks

A few small cracks are nothing to be worried about but, over time, these can grow into a larger network of alligator cracks. These defects damage the structural integrity of the parking lot or sidewalk and often require much more extensive, and thus costly, repairs. The best solution is to catch cracks early, while they are still isolated problems, and hire a contractor to fill them in professionally so that they cannot continue to spread.

Pooling Water

Water forming pools on the surface of an asphalt lot usually indicate problems with the drainage system. In some cases, channels can be added and the lot can be saved, but allowing this water to sit for prolonged periods of time can only cause further damage and will eventually necessitate a complete re-paving. Any property owners noticing this, or other, worsening problems would do well to contact a qualified professional for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Avoid potential damage to customer’s or client’s cars and help to maintain a safe and friendly environment by contracting a professional for commercial asphalt repair. Not all asphalt contractors have the equipment and experience necessary to adequately perform long-term repairs. Visit website for more information or to schedule an evaluation, with a company that does. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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