Buying a Wakeboard? 6 Tips to Picking the Right One

If you want to give wakeboarding a try, you’ll need to come in with a good wakeboard. Here’s what you need to know before you shop for one:

Match it to your weight

This affects the kind of wakeboard you’ll pick. If it’s too heavy for you, it won’t be easy for you to use. You’ll take longer to learn. However, if it’s too light, it won’t provide you with the heft you need as well, which means you’ll sink much easier, says Discover Boating.

Know your riding style

Depending on your riding style, you could pick out a shorter wakeboard or a longer one. Shorter ones need more energy to push and control in the water. The advantage you get, though, is that it’s way easier to spin in the air. Longer ones might be heavier against the waves but you have more control over the boards, since there’s more surface area. These boards make for a softer landing too.

Factor in your ability

Beginners might opt for longer boards since these are far easier to control. The boards make for softer landings too, which means less discomfort for beginners. For intermediate wakeboarders, shorter boards often make for a more challenging choice.

Find the fin

This keeps your board going in the direction you want it to take. Beginner boards often have deeper fins while advanced models often have shallower ones. However, don’t be afraid to give advanced models a try. You might actually work better with shallower fins, depending on your riding style.

Invest in bindings

These keep you bound to the board. So make sure you pick out quality ones before you go wakeboarding. Make sure the fit is snug but comfortable enough not to pinch. A fitted pair will offer you much better protection.

Try it out first

Lastly, don’t buy one before exploring your options and shopping around. Give different boards a try before you shell out money for one.

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