Steps to Take Before Heading to an Emergency Dentist in Providence, RI

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Dentist

Dental emergencies are frightening experiences no matter what the circumstances, but it’s important to remain calm and to have a plan to follow. Whether a tooth has been knocked out completely or just cracked, an emergency dentist in Providence RI can help patients restore its function and appearance. Follow the steps below to get help dealing with that dental emergency as quickly as possible.

Step One: Decide Whether It’s Really an Emergency

Emergency dentists typically charge more for their services than ordinary dentists do, so it’s a good idea to evaluate whether or not the situation truly constitutes a dental emergency prior to calling around. Indications that the situation does, indeed, require immediate attention include painful abscesses, toothaches that don’t respond to painkillers, cracked or knocked out teeth, uncontrollable bleeding, or objects that are stuck in the mouth.

Step Two: Wash HandsIt is essential that those experiencing a dental emergency take the time to wash their hands before placing them in their mouths. It may be tempting to feel around to evaluate damage, but introducing bacteria is the last thing that anyone suffering from a dental emergency should do.

Step Three: Save Broken Pieces

If a tooth has broken or been knocked out, it’s possible the pieces can be used to repair the tooth if they are kept moist. The best thing to do is to immediately place them in a small container of whole milk or saline solution. Keep in mind that, unlike milk and saline solutions, water starts to break down the pieces of tooth almost immediately.

Step Four: Control Bleeding

Control any bleeding in the mouth by applying pressure directly to the area using gauze. Pressure should be applied for at least 15 minutes, and soaked bandages should not be removed as this can disrupt the clotting process. Instead, simply add additional gauze on top of the soaked cloth.

Step Five: Head to an Emergency Dentist

Once all of these initial steps have been taken, it’s time to head to the Emergency Dentist in Providence RI for immediate care. Browse our website for more information about emergency dental services.

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