Storage Facilities in Chicago – Some Things You Need to Know

Moving always has it unexpected bumps in the road. The most common bump in the road, shall we say, tends to be a lack of extra space in your new location. Depending on your new location – Midtown, downtown or any of the 200 plus neighbourhoods in Chicago, you may need more storage than you even initially planned on obtaining. But, there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of storage facilities in Chicago, even if there’s not enough space for all your stuff.

Reasons to Extra Storage
Additional storage comes in handy when you have items that of course don’t quite fit in your new space. But you may also want to take advantage of all a storage facility has to offer in general. For instance, why clutter up your workspace or home office with boxes of files or your guest bedroom furniture if you don’t have to, right? Maybe you don’t even have a workspace or home office, but chances are there are events in your life that require a little extra room such as your new spouse moving in or a newly empty nest.

Kinds of Storage Available
The first thing you should know about any storage facility anywhere is that no two storage facilities from different companies will be exactly same. This also holds true with storage facilities in Chicago. What this means is that the environment will differ, and this includes the level of cleanliness, what kinds of safety measures or alarms that are in place, the quality of customer care or services as well as the availability of temperature control.

Consequently, you should make sure the storage company you choose has the level of security, cleanliness and care that you desire. It is also important to consider storage units that offer “climate control”. Ultimately, choosing the climate control option can protect sensitive goods such as wooden furniture, fabric and more.

Even the most secure storage company is typically not responsible for the contents of your unit. Therefore, you may want to consider storage insurance. Many companies will offer you a reasonable storage insurance plan that you can sign up for if you so choose.

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