Suffering from Depression? Causes and Cures

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Health

What Is Depression?

Depression affects about 25 million Americans every year, with women twice as likely as men to be affected, Healthline says. Symptoms of depression include agitation or irritability, anger, insomnia, lack of concentration, feeling isolated or withdrawn, constantly feeling hopeless or helpless, exhaustion, changes in one’s usual appetite, guilt or self-hate, and pervading thoughts of suicide.

What Causes It?

There isn’t any one reason responsible for causing depression. However, it’s been determined that a variety of factors can contribute to the onset and development of depression. These include genetic, biological, psychological, and even environmental factors.

In some cases, trauma is a likely cause of depression. The death of a loved one can also trigger depression, along with problems at home or relationship issues. Those who live in stressful situations or have high-stress jobs often suffer from depression as well. Drug and alcohol abuse also often recur with depression.

Is There Any Cure?

There is no one-size-fits-all cure. Rather, treatment hugely depends on the person. What might work for one patient might not necessarily be effective on another. However, depression treatment centers have found ways to manage the condition, which include medications like ketamine.

What Is Ketamine?

It’s a well-known anesthetic. When used on patients suffering from depression, the drug is able to dramatically cut down on the depression, allowing the patient emotional and mental relief. If you’re tired of antidepressants that don’t work, ask your doctor about ketamine-based treatments. The medication can do wonders for your condition. Give it a go.


Depression is a serious life-long condition. Left untreated, it could lead to fatal consequences. If you from the condition, or if know someone who also struggles with it, take steps to get the right treatment. Look over treatment centers near you for an idea of where to start.

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