Surviving Your CBAP Exam Day

Surviving Your CBAP Exam Day

The CBAP certification process is notably lengthy. On top of the various professional requirements you must meet, you will also have to prepare for a full-fledged exam. Adaptive US CBAP training is designed to help with this. It will not only help you devise a study plan, but also provide you with practice tests and other study resources for a full introduction to the contents of the CBAP exam. Whether test day is close at hand for you, or you’re still participating in CBAP training, this brief guide will help you to better approach the exam.

Remember BABOK

The BABOK is as closely tied to the CBAP exam as it is to your professional career developments. Many questions on the CBAP will require you to call upon your knowledge of BABOK guidelines. To succeed on the exam, you’ll need full knowledge of the BABOK. However BABoK is exhaustive and can be overwhelming for professionals to master while balancing the other professional commitments. A study guide which is precise, written like study notes and presented in an organized manner will help one manage time and be prepared for certification in more efficient way. Follow the study guide closely, both during your CBAP training and during your independent study time. Take notes as you reread your guidebook and refer to them. Revisit – rewatch your class recordingof your coach alongside your guidebook, as often as possible.

Pay Close Attention to Questions

Completely read each question on the exam. Approach it in the same manner as standardized exams you took back in high school. Just like those state-mandated exams, the CBAP exam is designed so each question meets a specific objective. By reading each question closely, you ensure your ability to answer as best you can. Your CBAP training will better introduce you to the design of test questions so you know what they mean and how to answer them. Pay close attention to the explanation of the correct answers of your question bank in the review mode, to get better understanding of the concept and provide strong foot hold in exam prep.

Pace Yourself

The CBAP exam is 120 questions long and lasts for three and a half hours. This means you have little need to rush your way through with the questions being long case based If you aren’t sure how to approach a question, skip it and come back to it later on. Its not recommended to spend too much time on some questions which seem to be taking longer than expected , mark those questions for review to come back later.The answer may come to you as you progress through the rest of the exam. Experts recommend targeting for completing 40 questions in an hour leaving you with 30 minutes to review the questions that were skipped or marked for review.

Try to attempt all questions since there is no negative marking in the exam.

Questions come from all sections of BABoK except perspectives.

CBAP certification is based on an exam which is competency based hence the understanding of the case/scenario is vital to clear the exam. Visit site for more information on CBAP.

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