Take Advantage of Postage Discounts with PAVE

As a company that works in an industry where you mail out large amounts of mail daily, you want to take advantage of any discount that you can receive. From First Class to Package Service the United States Postal Service allows customers whose mail is presorted and correctly addressed. Patrons are granted this discount since it saves the postal office time on having to sort through the mounds of packages and from having to return them for incorrect addresses. PAVE certified solutions can provide you with the opportunity of receiving these discounts by providing you with accuracy and validation on your packages.

Reach Your Customers with the Right Software

In a competitive world, you want to make sure you reach your customer base faster than your opponent. Whether you are shipping direct mail to established clients or trying to reach new ones, you want to utilize the right tools to get the job done. From making sure you have the correct address with CASS or keeping track of clients that have moved in the last forty-eight months with NCOALink. You can connect with the postal office database to compare the information that your company has with theirs. This will help ensure that the packages, letters, and various other items that you mail reach their destination. PAVE, Presort Accuracy and Validation Evaluation, is the software used by a business to help determine the accuracy of sorting the files of addresses according to the DMM standards.

Save Your Company Both Time and Money

It can become expensive to ship out bulk mail, especially if the packages are being returned to the company because the address is undeliverable. The postal service will charge the business more for returning the mail and having to ship it out again once the correct address is found. That is why you want to take advantage of the quality software that is available today. When you select to use software developed for finding the right address and sorting the mail into the correct address files, you will save time by not having to reship the goods or services out. You will find with these programs that your company will save money and begin to increase its customer base as it is able to reach more. Whether you are shipping in the states or halfway around the world there is a program available to keep your company addresses up-to-date.

Are you searching for reliable PAVE certified solutions software for your company? Contact Anchor Computer Software and speak with one of their skilled staff about the quality programs they offer.

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