Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of Carbon Steel, Seattle, WA Metal Fabricators

Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of Carbon Steel, Seattle, WA Metal Fabricators

When it comes to manufacturing and metal fabrication, choosing the right material is key. Of course, the right material will depend on the final product. Carbon steel is one of the more versatile alloys available, but it’s important to choose the right grade for any given application. By choosing to use any grade of Carbon Steel Seattle WA companies can reap a variety of benefits with very few disadvantages. Read on to find out more.

Low Carbon Steel

Low carbon steel is not used very frequently in manufacturing, despite the fact that it is the most economically efficient form of the alloy. It suffers from a problematically low tensile strength and yield point run out. Most low carbon steel contains anywhere from 0.05 to 0.32% carbon.

Medium Carbon Steel

Medium carbon steel contains between 0.30 and 0.59% carbon. It boasts a high level of wear resistance and a good balance between strength and ductility. This makes medium carbon steel ideal for forging, the fabrication of automotive parts, and large equipment fabrication.

High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel is exceptionally strong. It is most frequently used for high-strength wires and springs and has a carbon content of 0.6 to 0.99%. Thanks to its strength, though, it can be a little bit more expensive to purchase than medium carbon steel.

Ultra-High Carbon Steel

This form of the alloy is reserved almost exclusively for special purposes, such as fabricating knives, punches, and axles. It generally contains between 1 and 2% carbon, and as a result, it can be tempered to great hardness. Ultra-high carbon steel is, however, the least flexible and ductile of the carbon steel alloys. It is also the most expensive.

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Those who are unsure as to what the best material would be for any given project should contact a company like Specialty Metals, whose employees have vast and varied experience in the field. When it comes to Carbon Steel Seattle WA fabrication shops and other companies need a supplier they can trust, not just to supply them with high-quality materials, but also to provide finished parts when required. Browse the website to find out more about one company with extensive in-house capabilities and direct-to-consumer products today.

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